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Intro to ABIC

The Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference is one of the most important conferences on agricultural biotechnology. The Conference was set up in Canada in 1996 by the ABIC Foundation, and will now be held for the first time outside Canada. Scientists, industrial managers, investors and policy makers will come together for an intensive exchange of experience in order to give new momentum to further the development of agricultural biotechnology.

This unique global forum has been created for the discussion of results from research and development in order to enable co-operations between academic research institutes and partners from industry so that the transfer of laboratory results to industrial scale may be accelerated.

This high level conference aims to bring 'AgBiotech back to Europe'. With the imminent lift of the de facto moratorium on genetically modified food, the implementation of new European regulations and a more competitive European market, this conference is important as ever to give new impulses to the European AgBiotech research and AgBiotech business in Europe.



Imprint: ABIC 2004 Conference Office
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ABIC Foundation Role:

  • Provides Seed Funding for ABIC Conferences
  • Holds intellectual property and acts as a custodian of the ABIC concept.
  • Sets quality standards and maintains quality control for conference activities.
  • Determines structure and frequency of ABIC conferences.
  • Entertains conference proposals and awards conference venues.
  • Enters contractual agreements with local executive bodies
  • responsible for organizing ABIC.
  • Provides travel scholarships for attendance at ABIC.
  • Maintains an international presence for ABIC.

ABIC Membership Advantages
  • Develop opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.
  • Maintain a vital international network.
  • Enhance access to key research and product development concepts.
  • Raise the international profile and public acceptance of agricultural biotechnology.
  • Ensure continued growth of the agbiotech industry.