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Why will ABIC pay off for You?

There are many reasons to support and attend the ABIC 2004 conference in Cologne.

See which reasons apply to you.

ABIC is a major event for

  • Politicians because biotechnology has been intensively discussed in the public for several years and the public is asking what the technology is all about and who will benefit. You need first-hand insights on what benefits are in the biotechnology pipeline involving the production of food and feed, phytopharmaca (i.e. drugs from plants) or renewables. You need to know why it is necessary to create a legal framework which not only guarantees safe products but which also gives the products a chance to finally be marketed instead of being suppressed by over regulation.
    You need to attend ABIC .
  • Scientists because people from important companies - breeders, agricultural chemists, pharmacologists - are participating, who might want to bring what you have just developed to market. If you are looking for business development possibilities - You need to attend ABIC.
  • Industry representatives because attending scientists will present their newest product ideas and concepts, and politicians and journalists will be seeking information and insights. If you want to collaborate with these important technical resources and to present your concerns to important decision makers and public opinion leaders - You need to attend ABIC.
  • Breeders because agbiotechnology is a new tool for the improvement of those products that you have a long experience working with: plants. If you want to know how to use the powerful tools of biotechnology to modify plants to your advantage - You need to attend ABIC.

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