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Program of ABIC2004The program of ABIC 2004 covers issues of scientific, economic and political relevance. Topics will be treated in parallel sessions with different focuses.

The Business Forum and Industry Presentation Session will offer companies, taking part in the Premium Partnering event, the opportunity to present their companies.

Final Program :
The full program is also available for download
(PDF, 558 kB).

The Business of Biotechnology
Advances in Plant Improvement
New Opportunities through Biotechnology
  The Role and Importance of Ethics for AgBiotechnology in Europe
  • Round Table Discussion

Controlling Expression in Transgenes

  • Regulating Expression of Transgenes in Plants
  • Expression of Genes in specific Tissues
  • Environmental Assessment of Risks and Benefits of Regulated Expression

Plants as green Factories

  • Strategies for producing PMPs in plants (Molecular Farming)
  • Improvement of Fiber Crops by Genetic Engineering
  • Engineering of New Biosynthetic Pathways

    PMP: Plant-made Pharmaceuticals

Co-existence of Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Crops

  • Gene Flow and Co-Existence
  • Scientific Basis of Co-Existence
  • Ecological Impact of GMOs

Synergies between Breeding and Biotechnology

  • Genomics/Allele mining
  • Advanced Mapping Tools
  • Use of Model Genomes

Biotechnology and Food Security for the Resource-Poor:

  • Analysis of the Need for new Solutions: Africa
  • Case Study of a real Biotech Solution: Mexico
  • Biotechnology for Food Security in Developing Countries in the Context of Global Warming and Prospects for Organic Agriculture

Business Forum: Consumer Benefits and Industrial Perspective of AgBiotechnology / Industry Presentations:


The Business of Biotechnology

  • Investments in Biotech in Japan
  • Dos and Donts for Botech Start-ups
  • Todays and future Markets in Plant Biotech

Improvements in Non-Food Crops

  • Biotechnological Applications in Forestry
  • Oil Palm Breeding and competitive Approaches
  • Biotechnology and Ornamental Plants

Nutraceuticals as Links between Food and Health: Using Biotechnology to Improve Our Food

  • Polyunsaturated Fatty acids
  • "Harvest Plus"
    A biofortification program
  • Cassical Breeding
    / Food Processing / Fortification