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Typical Cologne
»Kölsch-Tour«: the beer, the idioms, the way of life...

Date: Sept. 13, 2004
Start: 15 a.m.
Duration: 2.5 hours

Cologne`s traditional pub breweries have their own unique customs. Here the beer waiter is known as the Köbes (from "Jakob"). He picks up the beer from the Zappes ("tapper"), who fills the small, cylindrical glasses known as Stangen ("rods") from the wooden kegs. The Köbes then brings the foaming fresh beer directlyto the tables in a Kranz ("crown") - a round tray with a central handle and a circle of holes for the Stangen.

The legendary “kölsch” way of life, of course, involves more than just the beer. In a city, however, where in the Middle Ages, monasteries and convents stood and prosperous citizens lived, the daily consumption of “Kölsch” was understandably high. Even today, hardly any other city in Germany has so many breweries as Cologne, even if the number is now far-removed from the 119 house breweries in the 19 th century! But there must be something special about the “top-fermented” brew in the cathedral city. You will find out why the waiter is known as “Köbes”, why he is dressed in blue, how the “Kölscher Foderkaat” (menu) got some of its specialities and where beer is still brewed in the old town. What it really means to have a glass of “frisch Gezapftes” is something you had better try for yourself. Therefore, we drop in – on request during – but in any case, after the tour, on one of the brewery taverns so beloved by the people of Cologne. You will see, after a couple of glasses of Kölsch, you will already feel like one of the locals.

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