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Albert Robertson
CEO, Meadow Ridge Farms,
Saskatchewan, Canada
Importance of Apiculture
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
11:30 - Noon

Abstract: Apiculture, the study and management of the honey bee (Apis mellifera) is of critical global importance. Reports indicate bees contribute to over 100 billion dollars of world food production annually, and sporadic declines in honey bee populations continue to occur.
Photo of Albert Robertson
Saskatchewan Beekeeper since 1975 specializing in commercial honey production and queen breeding. Also operates a mixed family farm operation involved in grain, pedigree seed, seed potatoe production and pure bred cattle breeding.  Established the Saskatraz honey bee breeding program in 2004 with contributions from Saskatchewan and Manitoba queen breeders and funding from the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association, The Canadian Bee Research Fund, Meadow Ridge Enterprises Ltd and support from Saskatchewan Agriculture and Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan. Received a BSc. and MSc. from the University of Saskatchewan and a PhD from the U.of S. and U.of Alberta. Spent 30 years doing research in molecular genetics and biology at the U.of S (Biology Dept. and Crop Development Center). Currently serves as president of Meadow Ridge enterprises LTD.

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