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Carsten Lauridsen
Director of Research & Development,
Successes in the Developing World With Biotech and Bioenergy
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
11:00 - 11:30 am

Abstract: Novozymes A/S is, as an independent enzyme technology provider, focusing on enabling the industry in a wider context to commercialize lignocellulosic ethanol through the route of cost efficient bioconversion. By an unprecedented research effort with more than 100 scientists, Novozymes is breaking through the barriers for commercialization. Novozymes takes a holistic view on the process from feedstock to ethanol and develops both cost effective enzymes as well as overall process improvements to allow for cost efficient conversion. With leading ethanol producers in US, China, Brazil and in Europe, processes are developed and integrated leading to total cost scenarios that could make sustainable 2G ethanol production competitive with gasoline in the near term. Novozymes will be presenting examples on its work with respect to enzyme improvements as well as process developments and will in full cost modeling show how these developments help bring down the cost of lignocellulosic ethanol to a cost competitive level. The focus will be on partnerships and feedstocks relevant for China and SEA.
Carsten Lauridsen is a Danish national. He graduated from The Technical University of Denmark in 1991 with a MSc in Biotechnology, and joined Novozymes the same year. He has served in several managerial positions in R&D, including staff functions. From 2005 to 2009 he served as Director of R&D for Novozymes China, heading a diverse R&D group in Beijing comprising basic enzyme R&D within fungal enzyme discovery, a patent department and application groups for laundry detergent, textile enzymes, food and bioethanol. He was the project leader for Novozymes cooperation with COFCO and Sinopec developing enzymes and processes for commercialization of second generation bioethanol, based on corn stover. From 2009 Carsten Lauridsen has been working in Novozymes HQ in Denmark as Project Director, heading several major projects in Detergent, Textiles, Fats&Oils and Biochemicals.

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