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Dr. Graeme Frith
Chief Scientific Officer, Exocyte Limited, 
Reading, Berks, UK
Rapid Detection of Infectious Agents using SiNW Technologies
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
4:00 - 4:30 pm

Abstract:  There is a critical need to develop and deploy integrated disease surveillance systems to rapidly detect and identify selected pathogens and toxins, then transmit relevant information in real-time to the relevant national and international human health and veterinary authorities.

Exocyte is developing and commercializing an integrated Silicon Nanowire (SiNW) detection platform. The SiNW technology allows quantitative, label-free multiplexed screening for antigen or nucleic acid-based targets. The SiNW detection limit is currently 5-10 fmol and relevant data can be captured, processed and transmitted to a third party mobile device within 1-2 minutes. The SiNW platform technology is currently being tested in multiple sectors including human clinical diagnostics, food and water safety, fuel contamination and biothreat agent detection.

We will describe some of our progress to date, including our development program to generate a fully integrated SiNW device, the HL7-compatible Bio-DetectIT animal disease surveillance system and recent projects to detect selected infectious agents and toxins.
Dr. Frith is Chief Scientist and Founder of Exocyte Limited. He has a degree in Biochemistry, a PhD in FMDV Molecular Virology and both Post Doctoral and commercial experience in the development of high affinity recombinant antibody therapeutics, real-time pathogen detection systems and development of novel anti-bacterial therapeutics and vaccines. Dr Frith has spent several years working as a SME on both BTRP and CBRNE projects. 

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