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Howard Minigh
CEO and President, CropLife International
Brussels, Belgium
Policy, Economics, and IP Protection Considerations
Monday, September 13, 2010
1:30 - 2:30 pm

Abstract:  Sustainable development in agriculture will require the use of advancements such as plant breeding, crop protection, plant biotechnology, and integrated crop management. Agricultural biotechnologies have the potential to provide farmers and consumers with many sustainable solutions to help address societal challenges. The decision to adopt plant biotechnologies in particular can be complex and requires an integrated approach — and, more importantly, countries must commit to and develop the policy and physical infrastructures needed to support acceptance of new technologies. Infrastructure — from a regulatory framework, to human capacity and human resource development, to social infrastructures such as transport, education, water, and irrigation — are integral to the broader goals of development, learning, and economic growth.

Science-based regulations must be the cornerstone to a credible and transparent regulatory and policy framework, and are essential to establishing public confidence and acceptance of any technology. Continued innovation and investment in new technologies stems from intellectual property protection — in fact, intellectual property protection has led to an incredible pace of innovation and technological advance worldwide.

The plant science industry is committed to helping farmers grow abundant, safe, and nutritious food for expanding populations, while maintaining and persevering natural resources. The globalization of science as related to agriculture can only be achieved through the establishment of science-based international and national policy frameworks.

Howard Minigh has served as President and CEO of CropLife International since June 1, 2006. He is the founder of HM Advisors, LLC, a management advisory firm. He is also a partner in Trishul Capital Partners, a boutique private equity firm and is a Director of MetaMorphix, Inc., an animal genomics company. From 2000-2003 Howard served as Group Vice President of Agriculture and Nutrition with DuPont. From 1995-2000, with American Home Products, Howard was President of Cyanamid Global Agricultural Products.

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