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Jack Grushcow
President & CEO, Linnaeus Plant Sciences
Engineered Oil Seeds - Part of the Climate Change Solution
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
2:30 - 3:00 pm

Abstract: Oil seeds can provide feed stocks that can substitute for petroleum in a variety of valuable applications including lubricants, polymers and industrial fluids. The development of a non-food, drought tolerant oil seed crop that can be cultivated on marginal lands can deliver significant reductions in our carbon footprint without reducing opportunities for food production. This presentation discusses the development of Camelina sativa as a preferred industrial oil crop and non-fuel opportunities for bio-based products.
photo of Jack Grushcow
Jack Grushcow is a founder, President and CEO of Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc. The mission of Linnaeus is to create value-added, renewable, biodegradable industrial oils in temperate climate oil seed crops.

In 2008 Linnaeus applied to the Agriculture Canada - Agricultural Bio-products Innovation Program (ABIP). Only 9 of the 90 proposed networks were selected for funding. The Linnaeus lead Industrial Oil Seed Network (IOSN) was one of the few selected. The IOSN is composed of a unique group leading researchers in molecular biology, agronomy, tribology, GHG policy and biorefining.

Jack Grushcow was the founder and CEO of Consumers Software Inc., one of Canada’s largest software companies. The company was acquired by Microsoft in 1991, in what was then the largest transaction of its kind. The technology developed by Consumers Software provides the underpinnings of the Microsoft Mail family of products including MS Outlook.

Jack Grushcow served on the Science Council of British Columbia from 1991-1993. He was selected as one of British Columbia’s top business people under the age of 40 by B.C. Business Magazine and has been awarded Canada’s top export development award. He has authored three books on the subject of applying computer systems to business applications with Prentice-Hall and two books in the area of analyzing commodity futures with John Wiley & Sons.

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