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John Cross
Former President and CEO - Philom Bios
Bridging Biology and Business
Sunday, September 12, 2010
1:30 - 3:00 pm

Abstract: The concept of a phosphate incoculant to increase plant phosphate uptake was unknown in 1985. The tribulations and triumphs, blunders and bonuses of commercializing microbial fertility products will be reviewed in lurid detail.
Trained as a chemical engineer John Cross joined the Food Research and Development Department of John Labatt Ltd. in London, Ontario in 1965. His work centered on the development and commercialization of new products in the fermentation, food, beverage, dairy and animal feed industries.

From 1975-1980 he served as founding Executive Director of POS Pilot Plant Corporation in Saskatoon.

In 1980 Mr. Cross was a founding partner and later President, CEO, and Chairman of Saskatoon-based Philom Bios Inc. This company develops, manufactures, and markets high value inoculants which increase farmers’ profits by enhancing the fertility efficiency of crops in an environmentally benign way. Products include the world’s first commercial phosphate inoculant and the world’s first combination phosphate and nitrogen inoculant for pulse crops. Philom Bios was acquired by Novozymes S/A, a Denmark based bio-innovation multinational in December 2007.

Philom Bios and Mr. Cross have received numerous national and regional awards.

Previously a member of the National Research Council of Canada and Chairman of the Saskatchewan Research Council, Mr. Cross is currently engaged at the Board level in several agricultural, research, and economic development organizations.