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Dr. Mark P. Elless, Ph.D.
Dir. of Environmental Technologies
Edenspace Systems Corporation
Chantilly, VA
Crop Development Approaches Towards Enhanced Cellulosic Ethanol Production
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
3:30pm - 4:00 pm

Abstract:  Over the last five years, Edenspace has pioneered development of feedstocks for enhanced cellulosic ethanol production via insertion of cellulases into the plant. This presentation will summarize our experiences with this approach, citing examples from our greenhouse to field-scale applications.
Dr. Elless is currently Director of Environmental Technologies at Edenspace Systems Corporation. Edenspace Systems Corporation is an award-winning leader in the commercial use of living plants for energy and environmental applications. Specifically for biofuels, Edenspace seeks to enhance cellulosic ethanol production from various feedstocks via insertion of cellulase enzymes. The close proximity of the cellulase to the cell wall, when activated, provides enhanced cellulose conversion. At Edenspace, Dr. Elless conducts research on the dual use of select feedstocks for both cellulosic ethanol production and environmental remediation. With the likely use of marginal lands needed to meet cellulosic ethanol demand, such research is needed to ensure adequate and sustainable growth on these lands. Dr. Elless received his Ph.D. degree in Soil Science at the University of Maryland in 1992. He earlier received his Soil Science in 1987 and his B.S. degree in Geology in 1984 from North Dakota State University. Dr. Elless is a former two-term associate editor for the Journal of Environmental Quality and has published over twenty papers in peer-reviewed journals and three book chapters on environmental remediation.

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