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Oliver Peoples
Cambridge, MA
Polyhydroxyalkanoate Polymers: Value Added Co-Products for Industrial Crops
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
10:30 - 11:00 am

Abstract: Metabolix is the leading industrial biotechnology company developing fully integrated commercial biotechnologies for materials, chemicals and biofuel. Metabolix has made significant progress in demonstrating its longer term vision of commodity scale production of PHAs in crops as a value added co-product.
photo of Oliver Peoples
Dr. Oliver Peoples received a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in 1984 before moving to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was a Research Scientist in the Department of Biology. At MIT he emerged as one of the pioneers of the new fields of metabolic pathway engineering and industrial biotechnology. The pioneering research carried out by Dr. Peoples at MIT established the vision and tools for using modern biotechnology methods for the production of sustainable performance bioplastics in living systems. Dr. Peoples co-founded Metabolix Inc. in 1992 ( where he is currently the Chief Scientific Officer with responsibility for leading the Company’s biotechnology programs and intellectual property strategy which has resulted in a portfolio of over 600 issued patents worldwide. The first world scale bioplastic plant based on this technology came on stream earlier this year in the USA. In 2000, Dr. Peoples developed Metabolix longer term vision and initiated the research programs to develop engineered industrial crops for the economic production of renewable chemicals, bioplastics and biofuels in integrated biorefineries. Metabolix has received numerous technology awards and was recognized as a 2010 Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum.