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Randal Goodfellow
Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations, Ensyn Technologies Inc.,
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Pyrolysis Oil: Heat, Electricity, Green Transportation Fuel, and Chemicals Too
Monday, September 13, 2010
10:30 - 11:30 am

Abstract:  Mr. Goodfellow will speak about Ensyn’s business model which has served them well over their 26 year history to commercialize a wide range of products, in different sectors, off of their technology platform. Significant focus in the presentation will be given to 2008 joint venture with UOP / Honeywell, the world’s largest intellectual property holder and manufacturer of hydrocarbon refining equipment and products, which is leading to global deployment of Ensyn’s fast pyrolysis equipment and the development of “drop-in” transportation fuel. .
When Mr. Goodfellow joined Ensyn in 2008, he was already well known to the company, as Ensyn had been a longstanding client of his consulting firm. In his current capacity, he oversees the government relations, communications, marketing and business development activities of the company.

A consultant since 1991, Mr. Goodfellow has advised senior executives from the private, public and academic sectors on policy and communications issues related to bio-energy, bio-chemicals and renewable resource product generation. He was the founding President of BioProducts Canada.

Mr. Goodfellow has a BSc (Agr) from McGill University.

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