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Richard Gibson
Industrial BioProducts Business Development Manager
Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
Calgary, AB Canada
Designer Crop Platform
Monday, September 13, 2010
2:30 - 3:00 pm

Abstract: In a competitive global bioeconomy, short season crops like hemp, flax, triticale and Jerusalem Artichoke adaptable to northern latitudes are benefiting from the integration of breeding, agronomy and biotechnological tools to create opportunities for Canadian industrial biomass production and utilization.
photo of Richard Gibson
Richard Gibson's background includes degrees in microbiology, plant science and plant pathology. His work history includes on-farm primary processing, crop protection product development, marketing and industrial bioproduct development in the private and government sectors. Mr. Gibson is a Business Development Manager for Industrial BioProducts with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and Co-Lead of the Alberta BioMaterials Development Centre (ABDC) and Marketing and Business Development Manager for the Canadian Triticale BioRefinery Initiative (CTBI). From 2006, CTBI has secured over $20M in grant and contributions from the province of Alberta and the Federal Government to develop triticale-based products through biorefining and feedstock improvement technologies. In 2009 the ABDC received a $9M grant from the Government of Alberta to establish pilot-scale fibre and biomass processing capabilities to further the development of industrial products and chemicals derived from locally grown crops. Richard has been involved with agricultural research and product development since the mid-80’s, and from 2004 to present, is working with research teams across Canada to develop industrial materials and energy from agricultural feedstocks such as hemp, flax, triticale, & Jerusalem Artichoke.