TCU Place 35 -22nd St. East, Saskatoon, SK    

Thursday, September 16th

Conclude your ABIC 2010 experience with a visit to some of the key infrastructure facilities of Saskatchewan's bio-industry!
Tours leave from downtown Saskatoon at 9:00 am. Both groups meet at Innovation Place for a luncheon at 12:30 pm, with the return trip at 1:45 pm. 

Choose from two routes:

Tour 1
Chemical Engineering, U of S
Innovation Place

Tour 2
POS Pilot Plant
Sask Food Centre
Innovation Place

The luncheon also marks the start of National Biotechnology Week!


University of Saskatchewan Chemical Engineering:
Biomass gasification pilot plant – Interested delegates will be taken to the Chemical Engineering pilot plant at the University of Saskatchewan where they will be given a guided tour of the 1 tonne/day fluidized bed biomass gasifier and supporting analytical infrastructure.

Canadian Light Source (CLS) is Canada's national centre for synchrotron research and one of the most powerful facilities of its kind in the world. Scientists use synchrotron light to study everything from the nutrient chemistry of soils and the molecular structure of foods to pharmaceuticals and bioindustrial products. The CLS industrial services team is at the forefront of analytical research, o ering a wide range of scienti¬c solutions, with innovative commercial research access and clear intellectual property policies.

The Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) is a world leader in vaccine research. The new $140 million International Vaccine Centre (InterVac) will be Canada’s largest facility for studying Containment Level (CL3) diseases using large animals and will address a worldwide shortage of these specialized facilities. A research organization of the University of Saskatchewan, VIDO-InterVac holds 80+ U.S. patents and has developed technology for eight commercial vaccines.

The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre) is a not-for-profit organization and operates as a partnership with Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Food Processors Association. The Food Centre’s expertise and resources assists entrepreneurs in bringing innovation to commercialization. Our expertise includes product development, interim processing, extrusion technology, food safety education and training, quality assurance, technology transfer and pathfinding. The Centre’s processing facilities are the province’s only commercial incubation centre for food processing. By providing the necessary tools for commercialization, Saskatchewan’s processors are better equipped to compete in the marketplace.

The National Research Council Plant Biotechnology Institute (NRC-PBI) is Canada’s premier research organization dedicated to commodity and specialty crop plant biotechnology research. NRC-PBI’s expertise in molecular biology, plant biochemistry, and structural biology complement its partners in the community to make novel scientific discoveries and develop new plant-derived products to bring value to the Canadian economy. PBI researchers are focused on two main streams: the development of crops with increased yield, stress tolerance, and nutrient efficiency to improve the agriculture sector’s productivity, and the development of high-value bioactives and bioproducts and platforms for their production.

Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is one of Canada’s leading providers of applied R&D and technology commercialization. SRC is a market-driven company that sells services and products in Saskatchewan and around the world and offer our clients research, development, and the transfer of innovative scientific and technological solutions, applications and services. The Fermentation Pilot Plant provides microbial scale-up and commercialization services for the agricultural and environmental sectors, including animal vaccine contract manufacturing, bioremediation, and development of industrial microbial process.

POS Pilot Plant is a confidential contract research facility dedicated to process development, analytical services, and small-scale specialty toll processing for high value, bio-based components. We specialize in extraction, fractionation, purification, and modification. Industries served include nutraceuticals, foods, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and feeds. Our facility features grams to tons capacity with 5 large pilot plant processing areas, 11 laboratories, and a warehouse with quarantine area. Quality assurance, GMP, HACCP, ISO-9001-2008 certified.

Innovation Place owns and operates research parks in Saskatoon and Regina. We develop, manage and operate technical facilities for organizations involved in all aspects of R&D, processing and commercialization of new value added products. Our Bio Processing Centre in Saskatoon provides custom processing on a contract basis for the nutraceutical, cosmetic and agri-food industries. The research parks contain over 185 organizations employing almost 4300 people.