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Around the world, research, businesses and products from New Zealand are trusted and valued, especially those that come from its world class agricultural sector.That reflects a long history of excellence in biological science, developed over more than 100 years of applying science to agriculture, horticulture, forestry and farming.

Agricultural biotechnology combines two of our biggest strengths.The industry is vibrant, innovative and delivering practical advances in areas ranging from food production and new sources of energy to biosecurity and conservation.

With support from Australia, we are proud to host ABIC 2012 and showcase our combined capability and the contribution we can make to important global issues. New Zealanders are resourceful, independent and creative problem solvers. We are nimble in the face of change and, currently, the world is facing change on an unprecedented scale. We invite you to join us for ABIC 2012 to focus on how agricultural biotechnology can help meet the challenges of global environmental, social and economic change.

Come and experience first-hand what new Zealand has to offer.

  • Contribute to ensuring agbiotech contributes to an ecologically sustainable future and an assured food supply
  • learn more about australasia’s world-class agbiotech industry
  • gain ideas and be inspired by innovations from down under
  • explore new Zealand’s unique environment and be introduced to maori culture
‘Slurry Bugs’ revolutionise sustainable farming practices ‘Slurry Bugs’ revolutionise sustainable farming practices

With a passion for bacteria and sustainable farming, Liz Russell, managing director of Envirosystems UK, will speak about new ways of reusing farm effluents, at the world’s most important Agricultural Biotech meeting,  ABIC 2012 on Sept 2- 6, in Rotorua next month.

Māori partner with agbio leaders to drive growth through scienceMāori partner with agbio leaders to drive growth through science

The Federation of Māori Authorities says supporting the world’s top agricultural biotechnology conference being held in Rotorua in September is an opportunity to connect its members with the best minds in the business.
Media Release, 19th June 2012Media Release, 19th June 2012

The breadth and depth of New Zealand’s approach to sustainability and its ability to collaborate are reflected in the programme announced for the world’s top agricultural biotechnology conference taking place in Rotorua in September.

Media Release, 13th Mar 2012Media Release, 13th Mar 2012

Key players in the global explosion of discoveries and interest in technologies that will fast track the development of affordable bio-based products, including bio fuels, will be in New Zealand this year for ABIC 2012.


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