Protein Highway - Enhancing Cross Border Collaborations


The Protein Highway™ is an initiative to enhance cross-border collaboration among entrepreneurs, researchers and end users across the Canadian Prairies and U.S. Midwest/Great Plains region. The mission is to create innovative ag technology solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for plant-derived protein and stimulate economic growth and prosperity. This includes developing novel, value-added products from regional protein crops; connecting ideas with entrepreneurs; enabling companies for scale-up; and showcasing the regional plant-protein opportunities to investment partners in agricultural innovation.


The U.S. and Canada share the largest trading relationship in the world, with bilateral trade valued at USD $759 billion in 2015 – including USD $47 billion in agricultural trade. As the global population grows to 9 billion by 2040, the demand for protein will double. It’s anticipated there will be an increased need for plant-derived proteins to provide healthy and nutritious food to both livestock and humans. Changes in cultural, health and environmental factors are also anticipated to increase direct demand for whole format protein crops, novel plant-derived protein ingredients, meat replacements and specialty industrial ingredients.


The region is well-positioned to be a key player in the development of value-added plant proteins for domestic and global markets. It possesses strong capabilities in producing and processing a number of crops that are ideal feedstocks for processing into value-added protein products for human consumption, pet foods and aquaculture. Technologies for economical extraction of value-added proteins have been scaled by companies in the region, which is also known for its high-quality agricultural production; innovative human and capital resources; and proximity to business, population, transportation and education centers.

Through collaborative promotion, research, business development and investment, the Protein Highway will become globally recognized as the region of choice for secure and sustainable production of high-quality plant proteins.


Connect with us at http://proteinhwy.tlg.ca/