Mitigating Diet-Related Health Conditions Mission of World Food Alliance

SAN DIEGO, CA – (June 19, 2017) Linking agriculture and health through the development, deployment and validation of agricultural innovation is the goal of the newly launched World Food Alliance (WFA). The founding members- AfricaBio; Genome Prairie; LifeSciences Queensland Ltd (LSQ) and Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network Inc. (MAHRN) – signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collectively advance science-based solutions to emerging global health and food security priorities. The MOU was signed at the LifeSciences Queenland Breakfast at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) 2017 convention in San Diego in front of 100 international delegates.

“The challenges of diet related conditions are a global issue and require an integrated approach that leverages the power of innovation from crop genetics, through improved processing to validation of efficacy in the end user” said Lee Anne Murphy, executive director of MAHRN. “World Food Alliance is the uniquely positioned to bring together innovators who have embraced the mission of ‘Foods for Health’.  Murphy indicated the Alliance has identified partner organizations in Canada, Australia and South Africa to extend the work of the project teams.

About The Founders

AfricaBio – an independent, non-profit biotechnology stakeholder’s association for the safe, ethical and responsible research, development and application of biotechnology and its products

Genome Prairie -  an organisation that is enabling and managing projects in advanced bioscience research with strong benefits for Manitoba and Saskatchewan 

Life Sciences Queensland Ltd (LSQ) – an industry-lead not-for-profit Australian peak industry body promoting the role of life sciences innovation in economic development

Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network Inc. (MAHRN) – a not-for-profit Canadian organization that advances plant and animal bioactive discoveries to improve health-


Lee Anne Murphy, PhD, Executive Director

Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network Inc (MAHRN)

lam@mahrn.ca or (204) 228-3971




Goals of the World Food Alliance

To meet the key challenges facing agriculture and health, the Alliance Founders, working with our respective stakeholders will: 

•      Use agricultural innovation for the development and deployment of enhanced crops that assist in alleviating diet-related micronutrient deficiencies and provide health benefits ;

•      Benchmark the health and nutritional benefits of existing and new crops

•      Validate the linkages between agriculture, processing and consumption that result in improved health outcomes ;

•      Investigate the role of the phytobiome in nutrient uptake, bioavailability and other health benefits and

•      Work with industry to explore opportunities for product innovation and value-adding.