ABIC 2017 Presentations

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Note: If a presention is missing, it is because permission was not granted by the speaker to post.

DAY 1 - Sept. 25, 2017
Rohit Shukla - The Business of Innovation

DAY 2 - Sept. 26, 2017
Breakfast Keynote:
Regina Moench-Pfanner - Quality vs Quantity and the Implication to Food Security

Breakout Session: The Science of Protein Production
Phil Kerr - Opportunities and Challenges for Plant Protein-Based Foods: Lessons from the Soy Industry
Frederic Bouvier - Status, Opportunities, Constraints

Plenary Session: Nutrigenomics/Nutrigenetics: How Our DNA Will Shape Our Diets in the Future
Peter J.H. Jones - Nutrigenetics: What does the Future Hold?
Zohar Kerem - Nutrigenomics/Nutrigenetics: How our DNA will Shape Our Diets in the Future
Iwona Rudkowska - Personalized Nutrition Based on OMIC Approaches

Plenary Session: Smart Farms - The Link Between Biotechnology and Enhanced Nutrition
Miyoung Suh - Indoor Smart Vertical Farm: A Solution for Food and Nutrition Security?

Lunch Keynote:
Catherine Ann Bertini - Ending Hunger is Within Our Grasp

Breakout Session #1: Barrier Free Innovation
Ron M. DePauw - Responsiveness to Innovation

Breakout Session #2: Innovation in Land and Water Management
Hank Venema - Cooling, Calming and Cleaning the Prairies: The Manitoba Ecosystem Bank and the Business Case for Risk to Resilience

Breakout Session #3: Innovations to Decrease Food Loss and Waste Along the Supply Chain
Alphonsus Utioh - Innovation Opportunities in Food Loss and Food Waste

Breakout Session #4: Innovation Through Public Private Partnership
Glenn Friesen - Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives

DAY 3 - Sept. 27, 2017
Plenary Session: Building Sustainability into Animal Systems
Tim Lambert - The Canadian Egg Industry
Carlos Saviani - Building Sustainability into Animal Systems

Plenary Session: Big Data and Ag Tech - What Does it Mean?
John J. Crowley - Animal Breeding and Genetics: Big Data and Ag Tech

Breakout Session #5: Bridging the Gap Between Agriculture and Health: Field, Fork, Function
Trust Beta - Food and Function
James Dale - Golden Bananas for Africa
Sita Ram Ghimire - Microbes for Sustainable Forage Production and Improved Nutritional Security in Africa
Fayaz Khazi - Need: Innovation at the Speed of Knowledge
Alok Kumar - Role of Hort Innovation in Driving Innovation into Reality
Sagadevan G. Mundree - Feed the Farm, Feed the World
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 

Breakout Session #6: Protecting Pollinator Health: Science and Policy
Maria Trainer - Protecting Pollinator Health: Science and Policy

Breakout Session #8: Biosecurity: How is Policy Translating into Real World Practice?
Curtis Rempel - How is Policy Translating into Real World Practice?
Rick Peters - Biosecurity and Disease Risk Management in Transportation

DAY 4 - Sept. 28, 2017
Special Session: The Role of Science and Policy to Ensure Future Agriculture Industry Stability and Food Security
Cam Dahl - Agriculture Technology: Challenges and Opportunities
Michael A. Grusak - The Role of Science to Ensure Future Food Security
Crystal Mackay - Science, Policy and Public Trust
Steven G. Pueppke - The Role of Science and Policy to Ensure Future Agriculture Industry Stability and Food Security