27-Sep-17 Back

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Plenary Session - Big Data and Ag Tech - What Does It Mean?


  • Wade Barnes, President and CEO, Farmers Edge
  • Wallace Trenholm, Founder and CEO, Sightline Innovation
  • Dr. Robin Lougee, Research Industry Lead - Consumer Products / Agriculture, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
  • Dr. John Crowley, Livestock Gentec & Director of Scientific and Industry Advancement - Canadian Beef Breeds Council 
  • Moderator: Ray Bouchard, Enns Brothers. 

What does big data have to do with farming, food production and human health? The agricultural industry has embraced the integration of technology and advanced analytics to help optimize their everyday systems and reduce waste in every way. Digital tools have helped the industry become more environmentally responsible, improve sourcing decisions and implement long-term solutions in the food chain. This industry now has the ability to conduct work with an unprecedented degree of precision, traceability and accuracy of prediction. These analytics have an opportunity to impact all stages of food production, affecting the entire produce journey from field to fork.

The question is: how is technology changing the agricultural game, and how will the industry make the most of big data? 

Main Plenary

Wade Barnes

Wade Barnes is a pioneer in the Precision Agriculture movement and one of the foremost agronomists in North America.

Wallace Trenholm

Wally is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur who sold his previous company to Research In Motion. With