After I earned Ph.D. degree at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majored in nutritional toxicology and got a postdoctoral training from University of Pennsylvania in USA, I came back to Korea and have worked at KIST since 2004. My research interest is focused on various bioactivities of natural products and elucidation of their mode of action. Our research team has published over 70SCI(E) journals and 100 patents in the area of cancer chemoprevention, liver function, anti-allergy, anti-oxidation, and anti-obesity using domestic and foreign medicinal plants. Recently, my research interest has moved to development of smart plant factory system for high value-added natural products since standardization and large-scaled production of natural products (functional plants) are becoming important issue more and more for final commercialization. The plant factory system can solve this problem by convergence research including biotechnology, agriculture, and ICT. Now we are expanding the research for total smart farm solution by developing core-technologies on precision farming for greenhouse in addition to plant factory since 2015. I also have a lot of experience for international research collaboration. I have worked with Mongolia using Mongolian medicinal plants since 2004 supported by Korea-Mongolia Science and Technology Cooperation Center project (2004-current) over 10 years. I also started to plan OCN project with University of Manitoba from 2016 to further expand the research collaboration between Korea and Canada in the fields of natural products and smart farm including plant factory system.

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Chu Won Nho

Research interest is in the development of smart plant factory system for high value-added natural products.