Getting the whole picture

We’ve heard it all already: the statistics of those dying of starvation, the struggles faced by those trying to help the developing world single-handedly; and day by day, the picture gets more and more complex.

Since 1996, delegates from over 68 countries have come together to promote the application of agricultural biotechnology to solve global problems and find solutions that benefit everybody. They have come together to learn from each other and to encourage the development of agricultural biotechnology policy and enterprise for the good of the whole planet.


A global challenge

Helping the developing world through agricultural technology is a complex challenge. An all-encompassing solution to this enormous challenge could only be achieved by the joint efforts of those presently trying to find an answer. That is precisely ABIC’s main focus: building a better world.

A unique focus

At each of its international conferences, ABIC generated strategic alliances among key bioscience organizations, governments, and those concerned with the developing world … the kind of links that would not just happen by accident. Hosting some of these conferences in the third-world shows just how committed ABIC is to its mission.


The ultimate vision

ABIC has planned its future with a vision of creating value in agriculture, food, health, energy, and bio-based industries for the benefit of human kind. ABIC Foundation’s mission is dedicated to linking the global business, science, government, and development communities to enable the application of sustainable agricultural technologies for the good of all. Finding solutions means both developing economies and growing markets.