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Participation is based on an application process. Only 10 spaces are available.

This training program is designed to help established agri-food entrepreneurs, with a proven market beyond local, to grow a resilient company capable of pivoting in these uncharted times and contributing to the economic health of the province. 

The course is limited to 10 entrepreneurs; sessions will be personalized to each participant’s needs. 

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Participants must:

Participants will gain advanced skills in strategic thinking and direction; knowing when and why to pivot; and growth through learning, coaching, and mentoring.

This program will help agri-food leaders strengthen strategic skills and increase confidence by: 

Program components

  1. Assessing and preparing participants
  2. In-person workshops
  3. Online learning
  4. Individual coaching / mentoring

1. Assessing and preparing participants

To determine if you are a good fit for the program, your needs and challenges will be assessed. This will also provide a baseline of information to prepare them for the program. 

If you are accepted into the program, you will be asked to:

  1. Complete an assessment of your skills and business including core competencies
  2. Submit a business or strategic plan
  3. Participate in an in-person interview with AWB program leads

Strategy is based on analysis of available information. This program will prepare an overview of the current/changing market conditions to help you make the best decisions as applicable to your company. 

Participants will receive

2. In-person Workshops

The program includes five, one-day workshops that will deal with key strategic areas of your business:

Workshop 1:  Towards Business Leadership
Workshop 2:  Sales and Brand Assessment
Workshop 3:  Financing for Growth
Workshop 4:  Human Resources and Negotiation
Workshop 5:  Success in Changing Times

Workshop 1:  Towards Business Leadership
With this workshop, participants will:

Workshop 2:  Sales and Brand Assessment
This workshop will help participants:

Workshop 3:  Finance
With this workshop participants will:

Workshop 4:  Human Resources and Negotiation
This workshop will focus on two components:

  1. Building the Team 
    • This section will help participants:
      • Have a better understanding of their own skillset
      • Identify their company’s gaps in skills required to deliver their plan
      • Learn options for hiring 
  2. Negotiation
    • With this section participants will:
      • Gain new skills and tactics required in negotiation
      • Understand the importance of negotiation in meeting strategic goals 
      • Learn appropriate methods used for specific stakeholders 
      • Understand what it takes to ensure a win-win situation

Workshop 5:  Success in Changing Times
This final workshop will focus on two components:

  1. Communication
    • This section will help participants:
      • Assess their current communication plan
      • Understand the impact of internal and external communications
      • Review their role as a company leader and communicator in times of uncertainty.
  2. Effective Decision Making
    • Through this section participants will:
      • Review their strategic plan to ensure it meets business and ROI goals
      • Learn the key to strategic decision making
      • Understand when to pivot and what it requires 
      • Make a commitment to peer-on-peer learning and networking

3. Online Learning

Participants will be supported throughout this program with 24/7 access to contact information, workshop details, event calendar, recordings, and resource materials in a secure online learning environment.   

4. Individual Coaching and Mentoring

A key component of this program is the eight hours of one-on-one coaching/mentoring with subject-specific experts (i.e. strategy, branding, sales, HR, etc.). As well, you receive business and finance coaching from Ag-West Bio’s coaches. Working with Ag-West Bio, the program will be delivered by Grounded Strategies, a leading supplier of training, insight, promotion and support to the agriculture, food and natural health products industries, and over 50 years of agri-food industry training and marketing experience. 

If you think this course is for you, please contact Bev Stangeland ( or (306) 668-2650) to discuss!


NOTE: While the goal is to have face-to-face workshops, we are prepared to adjust the program in response to COVID-19 rules to keep everyone safe.


   ABIC's Beyond Entrepreneurship training programs are managed by Ag-West Bio.