For 20 years, the ABIC Foundation operated Agricultural Bioscience International Conference, an international conference series with a vision of “creating value in agriculture, food, health, energy, and bio-based industries for the benefit of humankind.” The final conference took place in 2018 in China. (Read ABIC history)

ABIC has re-emerged as the Agricultural Bioscience Innovation Centre with the goal of promoting science as a powerful tool for addressing global challenges. Recently, ABIC received a funding boost from Saskatoon's Brent Zettl of ZYUS Life Sciences, with the goal of benefiting Saskatchewan entrepreneurs through education, with the Beyond Entrepreneurship training program, developed and managed by Ag-West Bio.


The ABIC Speaker Series features experts from around the world with a passion for solving global challenges using science and technology, to inspire and teach entrepreneurs and the public. The Fall 2022 event on September 28th takes place during Global Biotech Week and features​ Dr. Kevin Folta, professor and researcher in the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida. LEARN MORE

Beyond Entrepreneurship: Building an Agri-Value Business is a new program to help Saskatchewan entrepreneurs gain the knowledge they need to succeed. The program comprises two modules: Building a Winning Plan: Agricultural Processing Business Plan Training and Building Entrepreneurial Leadership. LEARN MORE



    ABIC is managed by Ag-West Bio, Saskatchewan's bioscience industry association.