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David Blume
International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (I.I.E.A),
Santa Cruz, CA
Diverse Alcohol Fuel Feedstocks:  High-Profit, High-Yield, Ecological Alternatives to Corn
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
2:00 - 2:30 pm

Abstract:  If you read the papers you would think that only corn and cellulose in giant plants are the choices for alcohol fuel production. Come learn about a wide array of crops that can flourish in deserts, marshes, marginal farmland, or rotate with other crops on prime soil. Learn about waste products that can be used to make alcohol fuel, and even how to get alcohol from ocean products.
David Blume is the founder and Executive Director of the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture. He is a BioFuels expert and author of the best selling book, Alcohol Can Be A Gas! Mr. Blume is a lead advocate for producing appropriate scale alcohol fuel from diverse and native crops, surplus and waste sources as well as from cellulosic materials to create abundant food, energy and non-exportable GREEN jobs sustainably.

Mr. Blume received the American Corn Growers Association "Truth in Agricultural Journalism" award for 2009. He has been interviewed by Ira Flatow on NPR Science Friday. He appears regularly as a renewable energy expert on ClearChannel, Premiere and GCN radio network programs, has been featured on NBC WPIX Cable News and has keynoted both the American Corn Growers Association and Wisconsin Farmers Association annual conventions.