On-line registration for delegates is available now and a downloadable registration form will be available soon.

  Find out about setting up a partnering meeting with one of the organisations currently represented at ABIC 2013.

  For more information contact the ABIC 2013 office:
Iris Meck
Suite 510, 5920 - 1A St. SW
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2H 0G3
Phone: (403) 686-8407
Fax: (403) 255-4592
Email: events@irismeck.com

For more information contact the ABIC 2013 Office.

Iris Meck
Conference Organizer

Chantelle Andrukow
Conference Coordinator

Suite 510, 5920 – 1 A St. SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2H 0G3
Phone: 403-686-8407
Fax: 403-255-4592
Email: events@irismeck.com