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  For more information contact the ABIC 2013 office:
Iris Meck
Suite 510, 5920 - 1A St. SW
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2H 0G3
Phone: (403) 686-8407
Fax: (403) 255-4592
Email: events@irismeck.com

ABIC 2013 invites students, scientists and researchers to submit abstracts of your work and prepare posters for display during the ABIC 2013 Calgary conference. Topics will be related to academic research or development effort, which could potentially provide solutions to, or address, unmet needs in agriculture related biotechnology. Poster abstracts should outline the problem the research or development effort addresses and identify potential commercial markets.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the best poster in each of the four subject areas:

  • Health and Agriculture (Food)
  • Environment / Global Stewardship
  • Productivity / Quality
  • Energy

The call for Posters is brought to you by the Poster Session sponsors of ABIC 2013 and is open to all participating delegates.Display space for posters is limited to maximum of 60 posters; submissions will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


  1. Poster Presenters must be registered, fully-paid conference delegates. ABIC 2013 Delegate Registration Form must be completed, and submitted to the Conference Coordinator with full payment in Canadian funds prior to Thursday August 1, 2013.
  2. There is no abstract submission fee or poster submission fee.
  3. At least one of the poster authors must be present at the conference.
  4. Poster presenters must also complete the ABIC 2013 Calgary Abstract Submission Form and submit it with their abstract to the Conference Coordinator by Thursday August 1, 2013 by email to events@irismeck.com and use the email subject heading "2013 ABIC Abstract" or fax to (403) 255-4592 or mail to ABIC 2013 Abstract, Suite 510, 5920 - 1A Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 0G3. Abstracts and Abstract Submission Forms received after this deadline date will not be accepted.
  5. The number of posters for presentation is limited to 60. Submissions will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Abstracts associated with the Posters will be published in the ABIC 2013 website upon acceptance from ABIC 2013 and must be provided to the Conference Organizers (preferably in  PDF format and English) on or before Thursday August 1, 2013.  No editorial corrections will be made. The PDF file should be the title of your abstract.
  7. Abstract content:
    1. Limited to one, letter-size page, 8.5 inches x 11 inches (21.5cm x 28cm).
    2. Abstract Title: Title should be bold, Times New Roman, font size 16, at the top of the page, the first letter of each word should be capitalized using upper case font. No abbreviations should be used.
    3. Poster Category: chosen from list of Health and Agriculture (Food), Environment/Global Stewardship, Productivity/Quality and Energy.  
    4. Primary Authors: The Primary Authors’ names should be written as you wish it to appear in the website and they should be underlined.
    5. Contributing authors’ names and affiliations should then be indicated.
    6. Presenter(s) contact details, including Affiliation(s), should follow the title. If listing more than one, list the main contact and note as such.
    7. Indicate the stage of development of the research/product being presented.
    8. Abstract body: single line spacing with Times New Roman font size of 12 and should not exceed 250 words. In the body of the abstract explain the poster/research, including its commercial potential as well as the research problem or unmet need it will address.
  8. Abstract submission: Abstracts should be sent to events@irismeck.com by Thursday August 1, 2013.  
  9. Abstract editing or cancelling submission: Changes to abstracts will not be accepted after on-line submission. Abstracts should be edited and carefully reviewed prior to submission. A common reason abstracts are not accepted is significant typographical or grammatical errors.
  10. If you wish to cancel your application, contact the conference coordinator by email expressing your wish.
  11. Abstract selection: The ABIC 2013 Poster Session subcommittee committee will review all proposals and select presentations for display at the 2013 ABIC Conference. Presenters will receive formal notice of acceptance via email by August 10th, 2013.
  12. Each associated poster presentation must measure 4 feet x 4 feet (1.2 meters x 1.2 meters). Each poster will be mounted on one-half of one side of a freestanding, poster display board. (This may be at the discretion of the show committee.) Presenters will be responsible for supplying their own poster with either Velcro or pushpins for hanging their posters. Presenters will also be responsible for setting up their posters. Lastly, presenters will be responsible for any mechanism required for displaying and distributing handouts materials.
  13. Poster Content should include:
    1. Title, primary author as you wish it to appear in the proceedings and website. Underline the primary author.
    2. Contributing authors: Contributing authors' names and affiliations should be indicated.
    3. Presenters should select a font and letter size to allow viewers to easily read the poster.  
    4. Introduction, materials, and methods, results, and discussion should be included.
    5. A Matte finish is recommended on the posters: it provides better visibility as it reduces glare. Posters will be on display during the conference and should carry your message without requiring any additional comment.
    6. Material presented must be based on the abstract previously submitted and should be novel, not previously published material.
  14. Poster will be displayed in a secured area during non-conference hours. The poster area will be in the 2013 ABIC Exhibition area throughout the conference, TELUS Conventional Centre, Calgary and will run the same times as the ABIC trade show exhibition.
  15. Set-up is to be completed by 5:00 pm on Sunday, September 15, 2013. Details regarding poster location will be announced at a later date. All posters must be removed following the conference lunch on Wednesday September 18, 2013. Posters remaining on site will not be retained or returned. Empty poster/carrying cases will not be allowed in the poster area.
  16. Details pertaining to judging criteria will be announced at a later time.
  17. One author of the poster will be required to be present at their poster during the exhibition times to present or explain their presented poster to conference participants and judges. You will be advised of the specific judging time at a later date.
  18. If you require assistance in preparing your Poster, we can help you with your design and/or print requirements. Call IMCI at (403)686-8407 or email events@irismeck.com

Expenses associated with the submission, preparation, and presentation of the posters are the responsibility of the presenter. Please direct any questions to the conference coordinator at (403) 686-8407 or email events@irismeck.com

The ABIC 2013 Steering Committee reserves the right to review and approve or deny any application to present a poster at the 2013 ABIC Calgary conference poster session. As all accepted abstracts and presentations will be published and publicly accessible, please take care not to unduly expose confidential information.

Download the ABIC 2013 Abstract Submission Form - DOCX