27-Sep-17 Back

08:30 am - 09:15 am

Breakfast Keynote - Toward Future Microbiome Therapy: From Human and Animal Health to the Environment

Your microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint. Bioinformatic, biostatistical and machine learning techniques, can detect changes to the microbiome. Research relating to the microbiome, particularly disbiosis, has broad implications for human health (particularly digestive health), animal health (potential antibiotic alternatives), and the environment as a whole (decreased greenhouse gas production).

This session explores what makes your microbiome unique, the importance of a healthy microbiome and how microbiome therapy can reduce the administration of antimicrobial agents such as antibiotics. Microbiome therapy has the potential to provide personalized treatments and more robust prevention methods for humans and animals. Current and future trends in microbiome research will also be discussed.

Main Plenary

Ehsan Khafipour

Dr. Ehsan Khafipour is an Associate Professor of Gastrointestinal Microbiology at the Department of Animal Science,