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01:15 pm - 05:00 pm

The Business of Innovation

How does the business of innovation apply to agriculture and food?

The benefits of investments in scientific advancement are only fully realized when they reach the end user.  Research collaboration, trade and investment in agriculture is often difficult across provincial, state and national borders due to differences in regulations, trade rules, tax laws, foreign ownership rules among other barriers. Successful and profitable commercialization of innovation requires new models for connecting people and resources across the value chain.



1:15-2:00pm KEYNOTE 1: Creative Pathways Toward Agri-Food Innovation - Rohit Shukla - CEOLarta Institute
2:00-3:15pm TABLE TALKS - Seeking Solutions to Current Challenges
3:15-4:00pm KEYNOTE 2: Real Needs, Real Solutions - Dr. Bill Aimutis - Director of Global Innovation Sourcing, Cargill
4:05-4:45pm EXPORT CAFÉ - Business to Business Connections
4:45-5:00pm  SUMMARY & CLOSING


Room 2GH

Sponsored by: The Protein Highway

Bill Aimutis

Bill is currently a Research Fellow and Global Director of External Innovation for Cargill, Inc.  The objective for

Rohit Shukla

Rohit Shukla is chief executive officer and founder of Larta Institute, an internationally-recognized technology